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Patwin Rug Wool Cutter

Boxed Rug Wool Cutter
Rug making tools
Rug Wool Cutter
Rug making catalogues
Rug making catalogues
Rug making catalogues
Rug making catalogues
Rug making tools
Black rug Wool Cutter

This is an old bakelite gadget for cutting wool into the right lengths for making rugs. It comes from a time when people would spend their evenings undertaking useful hobbies rather than watching TV or slaving over a keyboard.

The idea is that you loop wool through the gadget and rotate the handle and a hidden razor blade cuts the wool to just the right length, thus saving you lots of time. According to the instructions it is "Simple to operate, works speedily and cuts true to gauge", what more could you ask for.

The main body is approx 85mm and the overall height is about 60mm. They come in brown and black bakelite although the black is actually a very very dark brown.

At the moment I have a boxed brown cutter which comes with various rug making tools and catalogues. I also have a number of unboxed cutters in stock together with a separate set of rug making tools (photo 8).

Price: boxed with tools & catalogues £22.50.
boxed cutter £18.00. SOLD
unboxed cutter £13.00.
Rug making tools £12.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30
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