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Hovis bakery sales books

Hovis bakery sales book
Hovis bakery sales book
Hovis bakery sales book, back cover
Hovis bakery sales book, inside pages
Hovis bakery sales book, inside pages

These are interesting books that would have been used by bakers to keep a record of sales with their customers so that they could 'settle up' at the end of each week.

The books were issued by W Peatman & Son, Bakers and Confectioners, of Waddington in lincolnshire, and T T Bromwich of St John's Cafe, Warwick. They must have been provided by Hovis who presumably supplied the bakeries with Hovis flour.

The Peatman's book seems to be the oldest and on each page are tables for 2 weeks where the purchases could be listed, under the headings of Bread, Flour, Smalls etc and Hovis. The Bromwich book appears to be newer with a simpler layout to the pages. There is a space inside the front covers for the name of the customer.

Overall there are 32 pages and each page has a Hovis advertising caption at the top, "Hovis makes the nicest toast" or "Train on Hovis and keep fit". There is nothing to indicate an age but looking at the designs I would say they are from the 40's or 50's.

Size 150 x 90mm with cloth faced card covers.

Prices, Peatman £7.50 each. Bromwich £6.00 each.
Postage & packing for UK £1.25 each.
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