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Birmingham Co-operative Society 1934 Guide

Birmingham Co-operative Society 1934 Guide
Shops at Landypool Road and Soho Road Birmingham
Birmingham Co-operative Society Fashion Parade

A guide published in 1934 giving "Interesting facts and figures for members & prospective members" by the Birmingham Co-operative Society Ltd. It has the reference 'Co-operative reference book B9' at the top of the front cover

The guide gives a wide range of facts about the Society and includes many photographs of the shops, factories, farms and events run by the Society. For instance at the time the Society had 112 branches, 138 bakery delivery rounds and a 620 acre farm at Lea Marston. The back cover has a list of all the branches of the Society at the time.

It has 12 pages plus thin card card covers and is 140 x 220mm in size. The staples have rusted away and so the pages are loose but these are in good condition and the booklet is complete.

This is quite a fascinating book that will appeal to anyone interested in the Birmingham Co-operative Society or in the Co-operative Movement nationally.

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