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CWS Book of Knowledge

CWS Book of Knowledge
CWS Book of Knowledge
Inside pages, preserves showroom
Inside pages, preserves packing

An interesting booklet published by the CWS Preserve, Canning, Peel and Pickle Works in Reading entitled Book of Knowledge and Handy Ready Reckoner.

The booklet has 2 purposes firstly to provide lots of useful information to the reader but also to publicise the factory. Within the booklet are numerous pages of information weights & measures, mutliplication tables, foreign curencies, electrical units etc, etc, etc. Also included are photographs of the factory and the various processes going on inside it. This gives a good idea of what the factory must have been like at the time.

It has 40 pages plus covers and is 125 x 190mm in size. There is no publication date but the latest date mentioned is 1932 and so it was probably printed just after. It is fairly well used and so the corners are rounded and there is some creasing. The cover has become detached from the bottom staple but is still attached at the top staple. Nevertheless it is fully complete and still an atttactive booklet.

The name Middleton is stamped on some of the pages and so I presume this copy came from a CWS building at Middleton near Oldham and Rochdale, the birthplace of the Co-operative movement.

A really good item of advertising for both the Reading Preserve factory and also for the CWS as a whole.

This booklet is now sold.

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