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Co-operative needle & pin holders

Co-operative Sewing needle & pin holders
Back of Co-operative Sewing needle & pin holders
Co-operative Sewing needle & pin holders

These are two needle and pin holders distributed by the CWS and Leicester Co-operative Society. Designed to hold sewing needles and pins they were distributed to advertise the two organisations.

The CWS holder was issued by English & Scottish Co-operative Tea and would have been distributed by the CWS as well as the shops that sold their tea. Inside it has 2 sheets of pins, all of which are still in place, and behind that a sheet of needles, there are 5 needles and 1 pin still in place. I would guess that this one dates from the 1930's or 40's but could be even earlier.

The Leicester Co-op holder is advertising their main High Street store in Leicester, (Long gone but I remember it well). Inside it has a sheet of pins, all intact, and behind that 2 sheets for needles, none remaining. Behind that is a card of Ravenhurst Mercerised fine darning thread, in a colour best described as knicker pink, this appears to be unused. Difficult to date this one but it is probably from the 1960's but could be as early as the 30's with the deco styling to the front cover.

Both are approximately 40 x 55mm. They have been used and so there are visible signs of use. There is a small tear in the back of the Leicester case.

Interesting pieces for collectors of sewing items as well as collectors of Co-operative memorabilia.

Price £9.50 each
Postage & packing for UK £1.50 each.
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