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Tradesmen's Carrier Cycles catalogue

Tradesmens Carrier Cycles catalogue, front cover
Catalogue inside pages
Catalogue inside pages
Tradesmens Carrier Cycles catalogue, back cover

A very nice advertising leaflet for tradesmen's carrier cycles. Produced by The Battery Cycle Works of Plymouth.

The company produced a wide range of bicycles for shops etc and this catalogue shows pictures of them and gives their specifications and prices. Many of them are like the bike from Open All Hours and they must have been incredibly hard work to ride. There are illustrations of 6 different bikes including 2 with side cars.

It has 4 pages 150 x 110 in size. 3 pages are in a bi-fold format with the 4th page glued in. There is some wear to the corners and on the folds but overall it is in excellent condition. The catalogue is undated and so I do not know how old it is.

A really fascinating item of cycling advertising.

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