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Annecy, 1927 travel ephemera

Annecy, France, 1927 travel ephemera
Annecy Casino programme 1927
Annecy Casino programme 1927
Le Grand Hotel Annecy, 1927 bill
Annecy 1927 excursions

This is a group of documents relating to a visit to Annecy in France in 1927. Obviously souvenirs from a holiday there.

The first item is a programme for the Casino. It is 12 pages and details the events that would be taking place at the Casino. It also has loads of adverts for the businesses in the town. Interestingly there is also a list of the visitors who were staying in the town during early June 1927 and the Hotels they were staying at. Very interesting item.

Next there is a Hotel bill for Le Grand Hotel & Hotel d'Angleterre Reunis. It covers the week from 9th June to 15th June. It details the room rate and the various costs for the guests. Lots of drink listed but no food! The total bill for the week was 1898 francs, hotel bills have changed since the 1920's. This has been cut down from the original size but this does not affect the content of the bill.

Finally is a handbill advertising various excursions that were offered by Auto-Cars P.L.M. Lots of trips listed to local places of interest and beauty spots including Chamonix, Geneva and the Chartreuse area. The trip to Chamonix cost 135 francs, including dinner. Again this has been cut down from the original size but all the text is there.

All the items look like they have been stuck in a scrap book at some stage as there are traces of glue and small remnants of paper on the backs. This does not affect the attractiveness and interest of these items.

Together these give a very interesting view of how people holidayed in France at that time, before mass tourism.

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