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Chamonix to Montenvers railway guide

Chamonix - Montenvers railway guide
Chamonix to Montenvers railway guide
Chamonix to Montenvers glacier railway

A French guide to the Chamonix to Montenvers railway. At the time this was a steam rack & pinion railway taking passengers up to the glacier. It still runs but is now electric.

It is in a folded format, overall size 540 x 175mm but folds into 5 pages each 110 x 175mm. One side when folded out shows a colour panorama of the glacier whilst the other side gives a description of the railway and the sights to be seen in the area together with a list the hotels in Chamonix. There is also an advert for a railway in the Swiss alps from Martigny to Chatelard.

There is nothing to say how old it is but other things that were with it date from the late 1920's to the early 1930's. Some slight creasing of the corners but overall the leaflet is in good condition.

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