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Lac Leman, Geneva, Official Guide

Lac Leman, (Lake of Geneva) Official Guide
Back cover
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Pages of adverts
Text & photo pages

This is a beautiful guide to Lac Leman (Lake of Geneva). Published by the Compagnie General de Navigation sur le Lac Leman. This is the company who operated the steamers on the lake to give tourists views of all the sights of the area.

Very well produced it features photos and descriptive text detailing all the sights and the towns and villages around the lake. In addition it has adverts for other important sights nearby which can be reached by various mountain railways.

There are 96 pages in total plus thin card covers. Approximately 70 pages are the descriptive text and photos. The remainder of the pages are adverts for hotels, railways, food and drink, some are beautiful coloured adverts whilst others are monochrome with red feature text. The descriptions are in English but many of the adverts are in French. It is undated but looking at the photographs and from other items that were with it I would think it dates from about 1927.

Size 170 x 120mm. There is some slight creasing to the covers and these are a little grubby. Some corners of the inside pages have become turned over but generally the inside pages are still in good condition.

Fascinating guide to a beautiful area of Switzerland. It would be great to visit now with the guide to make a comparison.

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