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Childrens Magic drawing books

Magic drawing book covers
Magic drawing book covers
Inside pages

These are 4 'Magic Drawing' books. Inside there are stories for children but also full page pictures that you rub over lightly with a soft pencil and a picture appears, as if by magic!. In each book there are several stories and 10 'magic picture' pages. The stories themselves are well illustrated in black and white with typical story characters of animals, fairies, teddies, gollies etc. Size 30 x 24cms they were published by Amex Company Ltd, London. They are undated but judging by the plane on one of the covers they are from 1964ish. All are in good condition.

These are lovely books either for young children to use or just for nostalgia.

Price 3.50 each. SOLD
Postage & packing for UK 2.50.