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1775 Canal Map, Stroud to River Severn

1775 Stroudwater Navigation Map
Stroud to Stonehouse section of Map
1775 Canal Map rotated to show correct north

This is a map showing the route of the Stroudwater Navigation canal from Stroud to the River Severn at Framiload (sic). It is dated as being surveyed in 1775, but it looks like it predates the actual construction of the canal as the route seems to vary from the constructed route. The map is a bit difficult to follow initially as it is printed with the 'north point' actually pointing south east, the third photo shows the map rotated to adjust it to correct(ish) north.

As well as the map the page also includes a comparison of the travel distances between Stroud and Framiload by road and canal, showing that the canal route would be 2m 1f 9,52ch shorter than the road route with a total fall of 102 feet

The map size is approx 310 x 200mm and is on a medium weight laid paper. It looks like it has been removed from a book with slight evidence of the original binding on the left hand edge. The edges of the paper are uneven as if it has been cut from a larger sheet. The paper has a watermark of (I think) a lion and a gladiator and the word PRO??TRIA, although this is a bit unclear. To the bottom right of the map is the name Royce Sc. To the perimeter of the map is an embossed margin approx 4mm outside the drawn border.

I cannot be sure that the map actually dates from 1775 but the overall 'feel' is that it is of some significant age.

A very interesting item for collectors of canal or Gloucestershire ephemera.

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