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Large Blue Bird Toffee tin

Blue Bird Toffee tin
Blue Bird Toffee tin
Blue Bird Toffee tin
Inside of lid

This is a lovely old tin that originally held Blue Bird Toffees. I should imagine that it was either a very expensive gift box of the toffees or would also have been used for display in a shop. There is no indication how old it is but could from 1920's to 40's. On the lid there is a picture of Warwick Castle and around the sides 2 pictures of Richmond Castle in Yorkshire and pictures of Caernarvon and Edinburgh Castle. Inside the lid is a beautiful coloured advert for Blue Bird Luxury Assortment. There is still the original clasp on the front of the tin.

The Blue Bird Toffees were originally sold by Harry Vincent Ltd of Hunnington in Worcestershire and these details are shown inside the lid.

It is approx 240mm wide 180mm front to back and 120mm high. In pretty good condition, slight rusting inside, but no holes, and some scratching to the outside.

Price £24.00. SOLD
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