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Ink bottles by Nigra and Hardtmuth

Nigra and Hardtmuth ink bottles
Nigra ink bottle
Hardtmuth ink bottle

Two old ink bottles by Nigra and L & C Hardtmuth.

The first is from the Czech company L & C Hardtmuth under their Koh-I-Noor brand. Circular, approx 45mm in diameter and 75mm high with a black bakelite cap. It is approximately a quarter full although it has never been opened and still has the original cord and metal seal intact. The colour is marked as Emerald although the remaining ink does look more brown than green.

The second is a French bottle from Nigra. Approx 45mm square and 60mm overall height. Cork stopper with a label with the logo on it. The bottle is shaped to form a pen rest either side of the neck. Approximately a third full of blue black ink, although it does not appear to have ever been opened.

Price £6.00 each.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.
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