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Various ladies razors

Various ladies razors
Boudoir razor
Kewtie razor
Nymph razors
Nymph razors

I have a selection of ladies razors, these are much smaller than the razors used by men and can conveniently fit in a handbag or vanity case. All are in good condition.

The first is a Laurel Boudoir razor. Overall length is 40mm and it comes complete with the original tin and outer box, it also has a small box with a spare blade.

The second is an American Kewtie razor. It is 40mm long and comes in a small shell shaped case with a spare blade.

Finally there are Nymph razors. I have 4 of these, all are in their cases and include a blade. Two are a dark pink, one appears to be older than the other and the older one has a registered design number that dates it to 1934. The case for this razor is very slightly larger than the case for the later razor. The 3rd razor is a paler pink. Finally there is a razor in a buff coloured case.

Prices, Laurel Boudoir £18.00. Kewtie razor £18.00.
Nymph razors £9.00 each
Postage & packing for UK £3.30 each.
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