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GBS boxed razor set

GBS boxed razor set
GBS boxed razor set
GBS boxed razor set
Pair of GBS razors
GBS safety razor
Roanoid safety razor

This is a very unusual razor set by GBS. It consists of 2 safety razor heads, 2 handles, 2 blade holders all in a purpose made box. Each blade holder contains 3 blades.

. The set does have 2 different sized handles, a normal length handle and an extra long handle. From some research it seems the long handle was supposed to give a better shave as it allowed a 'stroking' style of shaving. From the registered design numbers the razor head dates from 1936 and the long handle from 1948.

On the base of the case it says Made in Scotland of Roanoid which was a trade name for a urea formaldehyde resin.

Overall this is a rare example of a cased razor set and one that I have not seen before. The razors and case are in perfect condition but there is some rusting to the actual blades.

This set is now sold.

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