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Wardonia razor sets

A range of Wardonia razors
Devon Razor set
Traveller razor set
Pilot set
Traveller razor set, brown

Here are 4 razor sets made by the Sheffield company of Thomas Ward & Co Ltd under their Wardonia brand name.

The first set is the Devon Razor set which compises the Wardonia razor in its original case and original outer box. The case is complete with the 2 blade holders each with a Wardonia blade. This set is unused as it came from the factory when they sold off their stock when it closed. On the box it originally said "with 10 Wardonia blades" this has been changed to 2 blades by Thomas Ward.

The second set is a Traveller set, which comprises an outer case with the razor inside, 2 blade holders with 5 unused Wardonia blades and 2 holders for shaving brush and shaving soap. It appears to be unused, it is just a little grubby but I have deliberately left it in the condition I bought it in.

The third set is a razor and 1 Wardonia blade unused in the original cardboard case. This was sold as the Pilot set. Again this came from the factory clearance when it closed down.

The fourth set is another Traveller set, this time in brown. It has the outer case, razor, brush and soap holders and 2 blade holders with 1 unused blade. It has been used but is in good condition.

These are 4 nice sets from the wide range of razors sold under the Wardonia brand.

Prices, Devon set, £24,00, Traveller sets, £36.00, Pilot set £10.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30 for each set
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