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Oval Home Safes

Various oval home safes
Williams Deacons Bank Home Safe
Anglia Building Society Home Safe
East Anglian TSB
Leicester Savings Bank, Sheffield & Eccleshall Co-op
Leicester Co-operative Society Home Safe

At present I have 5 different oval safes. These were issued by a variety of banks and other organisations to help customers save. Generally they do not come with keys as these were not issued with the safe but retained by the issuer so that you could not get into them and take out all the savings.

The first was issued by Williams Deacons Bank. This safe has slots for coins around the perimeter and a hole for notes in the base. It has the date June 11 1921 on the base.

The second was issued by The Anglia Building Society. This has coin slots at each end and two of the vertical slots are for notes. It was made by H Hipkiss of Birmingham. There is some damage to one of the end coin slots. It is in decimal currency.

The third safe is plastic and a bit more modern, it was issued by the East Anglian TSB, it has a single coin slot in the top and a note hole at one end.

The fourth was issued by The Leicester Savings Bank and is smaller than most of the oval shaped safes, it is only 85mm across. It has a coin slot in the top and a hole for notes in one side. There is no makers name.

The fifth was issued by Leicester Co-operative Society Ltd. It was made by Taylor Law and is 110mm across. There is a coin slot in one end and a hole for notes in the other. It is rusty in places but should polish up well.

The Sheffield & Eccleshall Co-operative Society home safe is now sold.

All the home safes are in pretty good condition.

Prices, Williams Deacons Bank £18.00, Anglia Building Society £18.00,
East Anglian TSB £12.00, Leicester Savings Bank £18.00,
Leicester Co-operative Society £18.00, Sheffield & Eccleshaw Co-op SOLD

Postage & packing for UK £3.25 each.
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