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Kirby Beard needle holder

Kirby Beard needle case
Kirby Beard needle holder
Jahnckes mitrailleuse needle case
Kirby Beard needle dispenser

An old metal advertising needle holder issued by Kirby Beard Co Ltd, who are described as "Pin & needle manufacturers of London, Birmingham, Redditch and Paris".

The holder has the advert for Kirby Beard around the main body together with instructions for use. According to these you rotate the top to line up the hole with the compartment holding the size of needle required. The needle size ranges from 5 to 9.

The top, where the needles are dispensed, has the wording Jahncke's mitrailleuse needle case, this must be the maker and patentee of the holder. Interestingly the word mitrailleuse means a multi barrelled gun and the arrangement of the needle compartments matches that of the barrels of the gun.

The base has the Kirby Beard details together with "Best English needles" and says that it contains 50 needles. There are needles in the case but I don't know if there are the full 50.

The holder is 58mm high with a diameter of 17mm. There is some wear but overall it is in good condition.

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