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vintage plastics and ephemera
Vintage electrical items
All electrical items are sold as collectable pieces only. If you intend to use them they must be checked by a qualified electrician before use.
Smoothie Travel Iron Smoothie Portable electric iron
Battery hand lamp Battery powered hand lamp
Bakelite bed warmer Rothermel Bakelite bed warmer
More bed warmers Veret bed warmers
Classic car polisher kit Car polisher kit
Electric heated comb pocket electric comb
Moonlamp night light Moonlamp night light
Aquarium air pump Montrose Minor Aquarium Air Pump
KP 35mm Slide Viewer KP 35mm Slide Viewer
Panorama Slide viewer Panorama Slide viewer
Rise and fall light Bakelite rise and fall light fitting
Davenset Battery Tester Davenset Battery Tester