paper & plastics
vintage plastics and ephemera
Some of the vintage sewing and knitting items I have at the moment
Beehive wool holders Beehive wool holders
Vintage darning mushrooms Vintage darning mushrooms
Bex wool holders Bex wool holders
More darning mushrooms More vintage darning mushrooms
Dorcas thimble stand Dorcas thimble stand
Knitting needle cases Vintage plastic knitting needle cases
Vintage cotton reel holder Vintage cotton reel holder
More cotton reel holders Different vintage cotton reel holder
Illuminated darning mushroom Illuminated darning mushroom
String or wool holders String or wool holders
Vintage knitting counter Vintage knitting counter and needle gauge
More string or wool holders More string or wool holders
Vintage knitting needles Vintage plastic knitting needles
Vintage Pin Holder Vintage Pin Holder