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American Bakelite beaker set

American Bakelite beaker set
Base of beakers
American Bakelite beaker set
American Bakelite beaker set

These are a lovely set of six mottled brown bakelite beakers. I am describing them as American as they all have the letters US on the base.

They are all identical but there are different markings on the base, 5 have an interlocking WA symbol on the base that I have traced to Westinghouse Air and 1 has the 3 interlocking circles of the logo of Bakelite Ltd but instead of the letter B and the infinity sign in the middle it has the scales of justice. 2 are dated 1951 and 4 are dated 1952. They could be US Army issue from the time of the Korean War.

They are a very stylish and practical design, you cannot pick it up very well in the photos but the top section is very subtly shaped which make them very good to hold. The beakers are heavier than you would expect, over twice the weight of a similar sized Bandalasta beaker. The colouring is also a beautiful mottled brown.

Each beaker is 110mm high and just under 80mm wide at the top. They are all in good condition, one has some tiny, tiny nibbles around the top edge but these are hardly noticeable

These are great bakelite pieces and I would love to know more about them.

Price £60.00 set of 6, Postage & packing for UK £3.50.

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