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Ashtray in the shape of a milk churn

Milk churn shaped bakelite ashtray
Milk churn shaped ashtray
Base of ashtray

This ashtray is in the distinctive shape of an old-fashioned milk churn. Made from black bakelite it has two contrasting brass bands around it. It is part of the 'No-Fume' range of ashtrays which were supposed to contain all the smoke within them, I am not sure if they actually worked like that. There is a registered design number on the base that dates it to 1938, although the patent number for the 'No-Fume' system is dated as 1926.

The ashtray is 95mm diameter at the base and stands just over 100mm high. It has been used and so there is some discolouration to the top and inside, overall however it is in good condition.

Price £15.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.