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Helit Sinus ashtrays

Helit Sinus ashtrays
Helit Sinus ashtrays
Helit Sinus ashtrays
KK Electrical accessories

These ashtrays were first manufactured by Helit in 1966 and were designed by Walter Zeischegg. A very distinctive design they are often called "The Wave stacking ashtray" due to the way that they sit when stacked. They were made in 2 sizes and these are the 130mm version, reference 84005.

The red ashtray has Helit 84005 and Made in Germany on the underside.

The mottled ashtray, very dark brown with orange flecks, does not have Helit on the base but instead in the top well has the letters KK set in a diamond. Around this are the words "The best quality of bakelite & rubber electrical accessories". I assume that these were made to advertise the KK brand and may have been made by them. Most sinus ashtrays were made in melamine but this one smells as if it is made of bakelite.

These ashtrays are real design icons and feature in the collections of many design museums.

Both ashtrays are now sold.

Price £28.00 each. BOTH SOLD
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.