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Bandalasta mottled orange beakers

Mottled orange Bandalasta beakers
Mottled orange Bandalasta drinking horns
Banda Rouge Bandalasta beakers
Base of Bandalasta drinking horn
Case for Bandalasta beakers
Case for Bandalasta drinking horns
This is a nice set of highly mottled Bandalasta beakers. In the Bandalasta catalogues they were called drinking horns.

Each beaker is marked on the base with the Bandalasta name, the B&A logo and also the item reference number, 100. The colour is heavily mottled and is called Banda Rouge, reference BR. They were sold as set 100/3.

The beakers are 75mm tall and 58mm diameter at the top. The case is 125mm tall and 65mm in diameter.

The beakers have been used but they are in good condition. The case has some wear to the outside and staining to the inside but the closing stud is intact.

Price £48.00 set.
UK postage & packing £3.50.

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