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Bandalasta trio, yellow

Bandalasta yellow trio
Bandalasta yellow trio
Base of cup
Base of saucer
Base of plate
A yellow Bandalasta trio that would originally have been part of a picnic set. Each piece is marked on the base with the Bandalasta name and the item reference number, the cup is 159, the saucer 153 and the plate is 139. The colour is Bandalasta reference Y7, yellow. This is not a common colour.

The pieces have been used and so there is some wear but not to any significant degree. There are no cracks or chips except for a chip to the edge of one plate. This trio is being sold as a cup and saucer and so you will get the chipped plate free if you want it.

At present I have 3 perfect trios plus the cup and saucer.

Price per trio £16.00.
Cup & saucer £12.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.50.

Payment is via PayPal secure payment checkout.
Number of trios required