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Bakelite Post Office change bowls

Bakelite change bowl
Post Office change bowl
Post Office change bowl
Larger Bakelite change bowl
Smaller Bakelite change bowl

These are two bakelite change bowls that would have been used in Post Offices for sorting coins and issuing change. They came in a variety of different sizes to suit the different coins and would have been used in a change drawer for the Post Office Cashiers.

The larger bowl is 130mm diameter and 75mm high and the smaller is 110mm diameter and 65mm high. They do vary slightly in colour.

On the base of both it says Bluemels of Wolston near Coventry, who are best known for making car and bicycle parts. There is also on the base the Royal Crown mark, G VI R and the date 1937 on the larger and 1942 on the smaller.

There is some slight surface scratching and minor 'nibbles' on the underside of the rims but this is consistent with their age. Overall quite interesting pieces.

Prices: Larger bowl £12.50.
Smaller bowl £10.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.
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