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Four green Beetleware bowls

Green Beetleware bowls
Base of 517 Beetleware bowls
Base of W176 Beetleware bowls
These are four Beetleware bowls in a pale green colour. From the top the bowls all appear the same but there are in fact 2 pairs of bowls in the same colour.

These bowls were made by Streetly Manufacturing Company, probably around 1935, the colour is very typical of that time. 2 of the bowls have A1 and the reference numbers W.26 517 on the base and the other 2 have W176 on the base. All have the Beetleware brand name. I would think that these last 2 are more recent than the first 2 as the moulding shape is simpler on the base and they are slightly thinner, presumably to make them cheaper to manufacture.

The bowls have been used but they are in good condition.

Price £12.50 for 4. UK postage & packing £3.30.