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Child's abacus

Childs abacus
Childs abacus
Childs abacus

This is a very colourful abacus. Because of the bright colours I assume that it was intended as a child's toy.

It has 10 rows, mostly with 10 beads and 1 row with 4 beads. The base of it is a heavily mottled coloured plastic, I think it is a rigid styrene but I could be wrong there. On the back is the maker's logo but I cannot read what it says, there is also a symbol which could be arabic or urdu script. Around the edge is a pattern of dots to make it non-slip.

I have described it as a children's abacus but it may just be that it comes from a country where they like to take advantage of the bright colours that can be achieved in plastic. Perhaps this is the equivalent of a pocket calculator. The closest picture I can find is of a Russian abacus.

The base is 95 x 130mm and it is just over 15mm thick to the top of the beads. There is some slight rusting on the wires but generally it is in good condition.

Price £18.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.