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Golden Virginia Bakelite Crib Board

Golden Virginia Bakelite Crib Board
Back of bakelite crib board

This is a traditional cribbage (crib) scoring board, made in black bakelite and advertising Golden Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco. It would probably have come from an old pub, which is where cribbage was traditionally played. For those who have not come across cribbage before it is a card game with points being scored at various stages.

These scoring boards were issued by numerous companies, mostly breweries and tobacco companies to advertise their products. This board was given out by Imperial Tobacco to advertise this particular brand of hand rolling tobacco.

The board is approximately 230 x 55mm diameter and 12mm thick. It is in very good condition. It is very slightly curved but that happens to virtually all the bakelite crib boards due to the long length relative to the thickness.

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