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Vintage crib board

Vintage lucite crib board
Vintage perspex crib board
Vintage lucite crib board

This is perhaps the most stylish crib board that I have ever come across. Normally these are fairly utilitarian or produced for advertising purposes but this one looks like it was made for a very special use.

It is made of 4 layers of Lucite or perspex (depending on whether you are American or British), the top layer is a striking pink colour and below it is a clear layer sandwiched between 2 black layers. It is in an elongated horseshoe shape. I am not sure of the age but looking at the design I think that it could be anywhere from the 1930's to the 50's. There is no manufacturer's name given.

Overall it is 215mm long and 105mm wide at the widest point. The thickness is 13mm. It is in good condition, some light scratching through use but this is only minor and does not detract from the overall attraction.

This is a very unusual item that would look very good in an Art Deco or 1950's display. It would certainly cause a stir if you turned up for a crib match at your local pub and put this on the table!

Price, £30.00
Postage & packing for UK £3.50.