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Vintage darning mushrooms

Vintage darning mushrooms
Vintage darning mushrooms
With top removed
Damage to multi-colour mottled mushroom

These are old darning mushrooms that date from a time when the conscientious housewife would have spent her evenings darning socks or pullover elbows for her family. They come in a wide variety of colours, at the moment I have these 2, mottled grey and a multi-coloured mottle. Very practically the tops screw off so that you can keep your darning needles and wool inside ready for use.

These probably date from the 40's or 50's and were very much a feature of the 'make do and mend' culture.

At many antique fairs I have the following conversation when a person of younger years picks up a mushroom. "What is this?" "It's a darning mushroom" "What's darning?", I then go into teacher mode and explain how in the 'olden days'(!) people mended clothes that had worn out and did not just throw them away. I end up sounding like my grandma.

There is a small chip to the underside of the rim of the multi-colour mottled mushroom, it is not very noticeable and can be seen in the last photo. I do not normally list damaged items but I thought this was such a nice colour I would list it at a reduced price.

Prices, Grey mottle £16.00, multi-colour mottle £12.50.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30 each.
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