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Ladies pink darts case

Unicorn ladies darts case
Unicorn ladies darts case
Unicorn ladies darts cased

This is a rather striking pink case for a set of darts. I assume that this was produced for the lady darts players.

It was made by Unicorn and has their name plus the word Rex on the front together with a pattern of Fleurs de Lis. On the rear it has publicity for Unicorn Products Ltd and Made in England. It also has the reference 10/58 and so I presume that was when it was first made.

Overall it is approx 155mm long and 83mm wide at the widest point. The maximum thickness is 30mm. It still contains 3 darts with feather flights, these are wooden and banded (I think) with lead, presumably to give the correct weight. They seem to be about the same age as the case.

The case is in good condition but it would perhaps benefit from a clean. Ideal to make a statement when you turn up for a game at your local pub.

Price £15.00
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.