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Dentaurum bakelite box

Dentaurum bakelite box
Lid of Dentaurum box
Interior of box
Interior of box and lid

This is a bakelite box from the dental manufacturing company Dentaurum of Pfurtzheim in Germany. I have absolutely no idea what it would originally have been used for.

Size 165 x 70mm and 30mm deep to top of 'stumps' it is subdivided inside into 10 compartments that are numbered 17 to 26. On the outside of the lid are short stumps (for want of a better word) these are of varying sizes and are numbered 17 to 38. Inside are a number of small copper cylinders marked 17 and 18 these fit over the 'stumps' marked 17 and 18 and so the lid must be some sort of size gauge.

On the lid are the names Dentaurum and Pfurtzheim together with the letters AB inside a diamond shape. The AB must stand for Arnold Biber who founded the company in 1886.

I have no idea how what the box was for and so perhaps someone can help me there.

Price £24.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.