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Dorcas thimble display stand

Charles Horner thimble stand
Dorcas thimble stand
Charles Horner thimble stand
Back of Dorcas thimble stand
Charles Horner thimble stand disembled

This is a lovely Dorcas thimble display stand that would have been used in shops to show off the Dorcas thimbles made by Charles Horner. It is beautifully designed in an art deco 'Odeon Cinema' style in black bakelite. Charles Horner was famous for the quality of his designs and this follows his desire for high quality design.

The stand holds 12 thimbles in 6 different sizes and these sizes are shown on each of the thimble positions. It would have stood on the shop counter so that the customer could try on the thimble to find the right size. The back and base are separate pieces that slide together as presumably this made manufacture and transportation easier.

It measures 118mm high, 120mm wide and 87mm from front to back. The stand is a bit grubby but it is in exactly the condition that I found it, probably having stood in a store cupboard for quite a while. It is in good condition.

The thimbles shown in the photos are not included in the sale but can be bought separately.

Price £36.00 excluding thimbles.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.