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Russian desk inkwell

Russian desk inkwell
Russian bakelite inkwell
Bakelite desk inkwells
Russian desk inkwell
Base of inkwell
Russian writing on base of inkwell

This is a superb Russian desk inkwell and pen holder. Made in black bakelite it is a very sculptural design, reminiscent of some of the Stalinist buildings in Moscow. Given its size I should imagine it was meant to sit on a very large desk so as to impress visitors.

There are two covered inkwell holders with separate inset inkwells, these inkwells appear to be made of a different material possibly a rigid styrene. In between the inkwells is a space for paperclips etc and then at the front a tray for pens. On the underside there is writing in the Cyrillic alphabet which presumably gives details of the manufacturer.

The base is approximately 350 x 200mm and it stands approximately 85mm high to the top of the inkwell covers.

Price £85.00.
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