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Bakelite blotter or paper dispenser

Bakelite blotter or paper dispenser
Bakelite blotter or paper dispenser
Paper roll

Interesting old bakelite item that I'm not really sure what it is! Stylish bakelite top with a roll of paper underneath, my first guess was that it was a blotter, (the paper is like blotting paper). Now I am not so sure and think it may just be for dispensing paper from the roll. In spite of not knowing what it was I bought it as I thought it was such a stylish item.

On the underside it says Zak chraneno and Ges Geschutzt which I think is Dutch. It also has the brand name Isolit with a lightning flash symbol, this was an early trade name used by the Swedish company Perstorp in the 1920's. To add to the international flavour, I bought this in France.

Overall it is 110mm long, 80 wide and 65 high including the paper roll. It is in good condition, there are one or two tiny knicks on the leading edge but these do not detract from the overall appearance. The paper roll is unused and still has the original staples holding the end of the paper in place.

If anyone knows any more about this please let me know.

Price £25.00. UK postage & packing £3.30.