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Vintage bangles and bracelets

Vintage bangles and bracelets
Dark amber mottled bakelite bangle
Back of brooch
Orange bakelite bangle
Butterscotch mottled bakelite bangle

I have a large stock of vintage plastic jewellery in a variety of materials.
As most people, and even the reference books, seem to call all vintage plastic jewellery Bakelite, even when it isn't, I will use the term bakelite throughout unless there is an obvious alternative name. It is very difficult to date the bangles but generally they are from the 1940's through to the 1960's.

The first bangle is a bright cherry red colour. The hole is 66mm in diameter and the maximum overall diameter is 85mm. It is 13mm thick.
Price £12.50

The second bangle is in a lovely dark mottled amber colour with a black smokey pattern running inside it. The hole is offset and is 72mm in diameter. Maximum overall diameter is 95mm and it is a maximum of 16mm thick.
Price £22.50

The third bangle is a mottled orange colour, peach is perhaps a good description. It is mottled with a darker colour inside a paler and less opaque 'body' colour. The hole is again offset and is slightly off circular 66mm being the smallest diameter. The maximum overall diameter is 96mm and it is 16mm thick. There is a very tiny mark on one side of this bangle but it is hardly noticeable. This can be seen at about 1 o'clock in the photo.
Price £28.00

The fourth bangle is a butterscotch colour, a darker coffee colour smokey pattern inside the paler transluscent body. The hole is offset but not by as much as the previous two bangles, it is 65mm in diameter. The maximum overall diameter is 84mm. It is 25mm thick at the thickest part.
Price £20.00

All of the bangles are vintage and show signs of having been worn, slight surface scratching etc. This is very minor unless I mention otherwise. Whilst I have dusted them and given them a superficial clean they are all in an 'as found' condition. I do this deliberately as people have varying ideas of how bright they want vintage jewellery to look.

Postage & packing for UK £3.30 each.
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