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Vintage brooches in shape of dwarf

Vintage brooches in shape of dwarf
Card of 8 brooches
Back of brooch
Back of card of brooches
German label on box

This is a card of eight child's brooches in the shape of a dwarf under a toadstool. The card is divided so that the brooches could be sold individually. They are quite cute and measure approximately 30mm from top to bottom. On the back the clasp is embedded into brooch.

I am not sure what they are made of but I would think that it is a rigid styrene which has then been overpainted. From the label on the box they appear to be German.

There is nothing to indicate their age but I would imagine they date from the 1950's.

Price £10 for card of 8 brooches.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.