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Jif ink or chemical bottle holder

Jif ink bottle holder
French ink bottle holder
Bakelite ink bottle holder
Sel de Hunt, Dialyl
Chemical bottle holder, Made in France
This French bakelite bottle holder is a bit of a puzzle. I have seen these before holding bottles of Waterman Ink but this particular holder has the words Sel de Hunt and Dialyl on the side. Both of these are chemicals and so I wonder if this has been used not to hold a bottle of ink but a bottle of a chemical, perhaps in a doctor's or pharmacist's bag.

The holder has Jif and Made in France moulded into the lid and Déposé moulded into the underside. The words Sel de Hunt and Dialyl are engraved on the side and filled white, this looks to have been done professionally, not just by an amateur trying to make use of an old bottle holder.

There is no bottle but inside the holder is the blotting paper ring that you would expect in an ink bottle holder and this appears to be stained with ink.

The overall height is 82mm and the diameter 57mm. The condition is very good. The bakelite is a marbled deep red/brown colour.

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