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Lamkin Pixie Powder Puff

Lamkin Pixie Powder Puff
vintage Powder Puff
Lamkin Pixie Powder Puff
Pixie Powder Puff

This is an unusual Lamkin Pixie powder puff. Quite a small powder puff designed to easily fit in an evening bag. It is just a woollen brush and so I presume you kept the powder itself in a separate container.

It comprises a plastic tube inside of which is the woollen brush, it has a brass chain on one end so that the brush can be retracted when not in use. A cap fits over the end of the tube. On this one the brush is yellow, I have had them with different coloured brushes, although the cases have always been the same.

When the brush is retracted the case is 75mm long and 25mm in diameter, the brush itself is 45mm long. It comes in the original box with the instruction leaflet. This gives a patent date of 1936 and an original selling price of 4s 11d.

The brush and container is in good condition. Two corners of the box lid have split.

Price £20.00
Postage & packing for UK £3.50.