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'Moonlamp' night light

Moonlamp night light
Moonlamp night light
Moonlamp night light

Here is a 'Moonlamp' night light, manufactured by V&E Ltd. This was intended to provide a low light level from a standard pendant light fitting. It is fitted with an internal transformer and so reduces the voltage down to 6v - 3amps and so if my schoolboy physics is correct this will give 18 watts output. Inside the shroud is a small torch bulb.

In good condition it still has the original label/collar around the base of the bulb. Size is 110mm long and 55mm maximum diameter.

Probably first made in the 1940's they were still made into the 1950's. It would have been ideal for use during the blackout although it would also be useful in the bedroom of a child.

This is sold as a collectable item only and is NOT to be used unless it is checked beforehand by a qualified electrician.

Price £14.00.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.