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Rolinx pencil case

Rolinx pencil case
Rolinx pencil case with original contents
Rolinx pencil case
Rolinx pencil case
This is something that a lot of people will remember from their own schooldays, a pencil case with a sliding top. I remember having one similar to this.

Made by Rolinx the interior of the case is subdivided to give space for pens, pencils and a rubber. The original pen handles and knibs are still in the case. They came in a variety of colours and this one is mottled blue.

I am not sure how old this case is but I would imagine it dates from the 50's or 60's, when I was at school.

It is 230mm long, 50mm wide and 27mm deep. It is in good condition and the sliding lid runs smoothly.

A very good item to bring back memories of school days.

This pencil case is now sold.

Price £24.00 SOLD. UK postage & packing £3.30.