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Dubarry shaving soap bowls

Dubarry shaving soap bowl
Dubarry shaving soap bowl
Dubarry shaving soap bowl

These lidded bowls were originally sold containing Dubarry shaving soap. This bowl is un-named but is identical to named bowls that I have had in the past. They were sold in a variety of colours and at the moment I have a blue bowl in stock. It is mostly a solid blue colour with some white marbling appearing towards the base.

They were first produced in the late 1930's but they continued to be sold into the 1940's. The bowls could be refilled when they were empty, the refill costing 1/6d

Overall it is about 40mm high and 95mm in diameter. It is in very good condition.

The bowl is now sold

Price £12.50. SOLD
Postage & packing for UK £3.30 each.