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String or wool holders

String or wool holders
Mottled grey string or wool holder
Multi-colour string or wool holder

These were originally made to hold balls of string but many people also used them to hold their knitting wool. They were produced by a number of companies in a wide variety of colours. These are more that I have in stock at the moment.

The mottled grey holder was made by U.P. and has a lovely range of colours typical of 'end of day' products.

The multi-coloured holder was made by NB Ware and is marked as British. Again the mixture of colours makes this holder very striking.

Both holders are about 95mm in diameter and in good condition.

One point about these holders is that they can at times be difficult to open if you do not know how to do it, the harder you try the more difficult to open they become. The motto here is "gently does it", hold them as lightly as you can with only very slight turning pressure and they come apart quite easily.

Prices, Mottled grey holder 20.00.
Multi-coloured holder 22.00

Postage & packing for UK 3.30 each.
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