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Velos barrel shaped ashtray

Velos barrel shaped ashtray
Velos ash barrel
Velos non-smoker ashtray
Velos ashtray

This ashtray was made by Velos and is branded as the Nonsmoking Ash Barrel. It is made from nice mottled brown bakelite and has bands moulded around it to represent the hoops on a barrel. The hole for the cigarette is quite deep which gives a 'reservoir' around it inside to hold the smoke and stop it coming out, supposedly. The registered design number on the base dates it to 1933.

The ashtray is about 73mm diameter at its widest and is 80mm high. It has been used and so there is some discolouration to the top and inside, however overall it is in good condition.

Price £12.50.
Postage & packing for UK £3.30.