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Viewmaster 3D viewer

Viewmaster 3D viewer
Viewer with slides and catalogue
Viewmaster 3D viewer

A Viewmaster Model E 3D viewer from the 1960's. At the time this was the height of technology as it allowed scenes to be seen in 3D. Manufacture by Sawyers and, according to the label on the bottom of the box, originally bought in Vienna.

Made of brown bakelite it comes with it's original box and a set of three reels entitled Wonders of the Deep. Also in the box is the original catalogue for the Viewmaster reels, this also gives details of other viewers that were available in the range. This catalogue is dated 1966.

The viewer itself is in very good condition although there is some slight damage to the corners of the box.

This Viewmaster is now SOLD.

Price 18.00. SOLD
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