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Vulcanite ink bottle

Vulcanite ink bottle
Ebonite ink bottle
Vulcanite bottle
French ink bottle
This is an ink bottle made of vulcanite, a hard rubber material that predated bakelite. Vulcanite is often also called ebonite due to the resemblance to ebony and it was used as a substitute for ebony on many occasions.

There is an inner and an outer lid and so it was obviously intended not to leak and it probably formed part of a travelling writing set.

There is no name on it but it was bought in France and has Breveté S.D.G.D. on the base and so it is a pretty fair assumption that it is French. There is also no indication of age, but the first English patent for vulcanite was in 1843 and the French patent law dates from 1844 so I would think it was made in the latter half of the 19th century.

The overall height is 60mm and the diameter 40mm. There is some scratching and small nicks to the edges but overall the condition is good.

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